Do you want to ship cheaply?

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Choose the easiest and most convenient solution to ship your goods: you have the CiaoLorry guarantee!


Create a profile

Create a profile on CiaoLorry to read the new listings and get in touch with the drivers.

Search a driver

To find the right trip for your dispatch, just read the driver announcements on the platform. Depending on where you want to send your goods, you can contact the most suitable driver for your shipment and agree on the rate and the pickup location. You can also choose which driver to rely on based on the reviews of other customers.

Can't find a driver? You can consider a trip that approaches the destination of your package.

Pay the shipping

Once the booking is settled, you will receive a confirmation email with his or her phone number.

The driver will receive the payment only once the delivery has taken place, in order to protect you in case of unexpected events.

You can find your booking details in the section named “Your Travels”.

After the shipping

After delivery, you can leave a feedback regarding the experience.

Do you have free space in your vehicle?


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Share an ad to offer free space in your vehicle and deliver a package to the same destination as you’re going. You can amortize travel expenses and make an environment-friendly choice!


Create a profile

Create a profile on CiaoLorry to post a listing and get in touch with the sender.

Post the announcements

You can post an ad stating where you are leaving from, where you are going to, and how much free space you have in your vehicle. You will agree with the customer who will contact you with all the details of the delivery.

Make an Offer

You can bid on shipments that affect the route of your trip. Users will be able to decide whether to accept or decline your offer.

Get package

Pick up the packages for shipments that have been accepted. The user will entrust the package to you for delivery to the established address.

Deliver the package

Deliver all your packages to the indicated addresses and complete your trip. For each completed shipment you will receive feedback.

Receive Payment

After you have finished your trip and completed all shipments you will receive a wire transfer. Earn with CiaoLorry.

What can you send? What can you deliver?

Everything, except for dangerous goods (explosives, weapons, drugs and illegal substances, etc.)

Which vehicles can you deliver with?

You can make deliveries if you own a: bicycle, moped, motorbike, car, van, truck.


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