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The green shipping revolution

BlaBlaTransport Spedizioni Green

You can take advantage of the free space in the vehicles to ship what you want, while saving money and reducing CO2 emissions.

BlaBlaTransport Spedisci Facile

It's easy: just insert an advertisement with the pickup location, destination and size of the goods you want to ship.

The driver that best suits your needs will contact you to arrange delivery.


BlaBlaTransport Spedire Pacco

Do you want to send a package and spend little?

BlaBlaTransport Viaggio

Are you taking a trip and have extra space in your vehicle?

CiaoLorry in 3 words


You can count on BlaBla Transport’s protections and guarantees for a punctual and safe delivery: sheltered from bad surprises.


If you are a driver, BlaBlaTransport allows you to absorb transport costs. If you are a sender, you will find advantageous prices and flexible agreements.

Cco friendly

You can take advantage of the free space in other user’s vehicles to ship or deliver what you want, reducing the number of trips, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.